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Phenolic Lockers

Snyder Equipment brings a wide range of high-quality Phenolic locker built with modern manufacturing techniques and high-grade materials. The design flexibility of these lockers makes them durable in the extreme conditions of humidity and moisture. Phenolic is water and corrosion-resistant.


Features of Lockers:


They are a material of choice that can adapt to the environments of country clubs, health clubs, executive washrooms, and other aquatic centers.

  • Stylish designs with single-tier and multi-tier lockers
  • Flexible lock options
  • Scratch and wear resistance
  • Customization of sizes available

Why Prefer Us?

At Snyder Equipment, We are proud to offer the latest designs in phenolic locker systems. These sleek and stylish lockers can transform the looks of any space. They are durable and resistant to wear and tear. Our lockers are manufactured using precision equipment and environmentally friendly techniques. We can provide a wide range of customizable lockers to suit all types of facilities.

To know more about our locker systems, please call us today.